Youtube Sponsorship For Small Channels-100 % Working Tricks

Youtube Sponsorship For Small Channels Getting sponsorship is a dream come true for every new YouTuber. But the problem is that to get sponsorship from a reputed brand we need a good subscriber base and a fair amount of views. So in this article, I will discuss the exact method that I follow to get sponsorship for my youtube channel that has only 6k subscribers.

Commonly most YouTubers take aid from famebit. Even though famebit is a Good choice, but it requires minimum 5k subs to complete the registration purpose. So famebit is not an option for budding YouTubers. There are many third party website which offers services similar to famebit, but the actual problem is that most of the time we need to surrender our account to them, and we lose the authority of our channel.
To overcome all these difficulties we have an easy trick that works perfectly for getting Youtube Sponsorship For Small Channels.

1. App sponsorship

There are websites like geenapps which offers app sponsorship.In that, we get a small revenue when anyone of our viewer installs the app. Getting aid from app developers is the simplest way of getting sponsored. To get sponsored you need to contact app developers. But most of us, don’t know How to contact developers.
For contacting app developers follow the steps.
  • 1. Open play store. Select the category of apps from which you need sponsorship.

  • 2. Always select the app that has downloads less than 100k. The reason for this is that if the app the app is popular it doesn’t require any additional promotion.


  • 3. After selecting the app that you want to promote. Scroll down, then you can see an option called “send email”. Click here. Then you will get redirected to Gmail.

  • 4. This is the most important step. For getting sponsored. Write a good email discussing your channel. Always include the details of your analytics in the mail. Your daily views, monthly views etc….
  • 5. Ask a decent amount from the developer. The amount you should ask from the developers must be in ratio with your subscriber base. That is if you have a good subscriber list increase your demand. Otherwise, make sure the amount you asked is acceptable by the developers.
My suggestion for the bid that you must ask
  • 100 – 1000 subs — $5-10 per video
  • 1000-5000 subs —– $10-30 per video

2.  Get Sponsorship from local Companies.

Getting support from big guns are always very difficult to new YouTubers.So an alternate way of getting sponsored is by contacting local businesses. Local businesses or marketers want their product to market to everyone at a low cost and when we contact them.There is a good chance of being selected.

 To contact them we can either use google or their official websites.Before going to reach the company keep this point in your mind.
   Always your communication should be crisp and clear.Tell them   how you can help them to market their product…
  Make it a fair deal.If you ask for more money they will reject you at the  instant

What to do if you get sponsored?

So friends if you get sponsored in any of the two ways as above mentioned. Next questions come to our mind is how to do the video regarding the same.
If you got sponsorship from app developers, you can either create a dedicated video regarding the functions of the app or otherwise create a short intro to a video about the app and show it before your video can give links to download at the description and comment box.
If you get sponsored by companies, Based on the product or services, they offer you can create the video.If it is a physical product, make your video similar to unboxing videos.You can also display banner ads, display ads regarding their product or services during the video.
I hope you learned How to get Youtube Sponsorship For Small Channels from this article.If you love this article share with your friends on social media handles

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