tubebuddy vs vidiq – Which is good for your Youtube Channel

tubebuddy vs vidiq – Which is good for your Youtube Channel :tubebuddy is basically a browser plugin that helps to save money and time, boost video performance and always help to engage with the audience. Tubebuddy helps to perform bulk updates to Videos in you tube such as adding annotations or cards to all your videos with just a few clicks. One can easily perform tasks like, Find or Replace on your videos just as if you were using a word processor.

Tubebuddy is known to create professional custom thumbnails using screenshots and branding/text layers. Helps you to engage with your audience quicker and more efficiently. You can export your list of subscribers and their social profiles. Tubebuddy helps to promote your new video upload across all other videos. The list goes on and on.

Tubebuddy is one of the most popular YouTube tools for good reason. It’s packed with powerful features that will help you manage and grow your YouTube account. It’s also incredibly easy to use because everything is integrated inside of your existing YouTube dashboard. Tubebuddy can make it simple to publish a video to Facebook and the best part is that tubebuddy shares the video as a native Facebook video, not a YouTube video.

Tubebuddy helps to make the best effective use of your videos for organic growth as well as improve your productivity on YouTube’s website ultimately making you more productive and successful on YouTube. At least that’s our goal that we work towards every day. By people trying to scare others away from certified products like ours, especially with falsehoods, you are actually hurting the YouTube community.

Tubebuddy Pricing

Tubebuddy provides its customers with four different types of pricing options. They have a trial free version with limited features along with three different paid plans:

1. Free Version – A Trial version with limited features.
2. Pro – Helps to access more productivity and video optimization tools and is priced at 9$ per month.
3. Star – This is the most popular and is priced at 19$ per month. The main feature in this is time-saving along with bulk processing tools.
4. Legend – This is priced at 39 $ per month and has an advanced functionality for producing maximum results.

Tubebuddy Features

• It helps to automatically find the best time to publish the videos for the audience.
• Finds the best and most popular tags for the videos.
• It also creates a GIF on its own for a specific portion of your video.
• Helps in notifying whenever anyone mentions your channel.
• Helps to promote your videos in the descriptions of all other videos.
• For an easy access, tubebuddy adds a menu inside your YouTube account.

Tubebuddy alternative


Vidiq is a better alternative to Tubebuddy. Vidiq is similar to tubebuddy in many ways and it also allows you to use those features which are premium features in tubebuddy. This is a great tool for a new publisher or for digital marketing agencies who manages YouTube channel for their client. Mostly we all are aware of basic YouTube video SEO tips like use Keyword in the post title, use detailed description & make the video engaging.

Vidiq is a tool which analyzes YouTube account to give meaningful insights that help one to make actionable decisions. Vidiq is typically better than just a YouTube SEO tool, as it offers you your video analytics to learn how users are interacting with users. To start things with Vidiq is easy, as one need to connect it with YouTube account. It will import all the videos to their dashboard, and from here all the magic begins. Have a look at the dashboard after it pulled details from all my YouTube videos.
A lot much more features to explore such as competitors feature, where one can compare YouTube channel growth with one of its competitors.

Vidiq pricing

Vidiq is a tool which can be used freely for normal version features and for pro version features there will be a nominal price. The pro version starts at 10$ per month, which may sound little expensive for entry level YouTube Publisher, but after learning it features one will surely feel 10$ is worth paying for an awesome service from vidiq.

Vidiq Features

• Great tool for the Individual publisher and Digital marketing agencies.
• Provides more visibility to the YouTube channels.
• Best for SEO and Channel analytics.
• Bulk management for Videos and Comments.
• Video scheduling and Facebook integration.
• Brings Freedom, Opportunity, and value in the online video industry.

tubebuddy vs vidiq – Which is good for your Youtube Channel
Comparison of Tubebuddy and Vidiq 

Both Tubebuddy and Vidiq are considered to be tools or browsers plugin which helps for YouTube creators, brands, and networks. Both can be used at the same time and will never cause termination of YouTube channel. Tubebuddy and vidiq both, when used together, might get a bit confusing at times during the upload process. Tubebuddy helps with a lot of things on YouTube like tags, analytics, upload profiles, card profiles and so on, few of them which are available only in paid services. Vidiq also does the same tasks as of Tubebuddy along with thumbnail edits, Tag investigation as well as other SEO information.

According to the users of Tubebuddy and Vidiq across the world, few go along with Tubebuddy and others with Vidiq depending on their usage and the availability of advanced features. When the pricing factor comes, the majority of the users believe to be the Tubebuddy to be worth it as it is cheaper than Vidiq and has a lot many features which are mostly user-friendly. Tubebuddy also helps with tag suggestions, checks what tags are being searched and how effective they are. Vidiq is better search optimization but is little expensive as compared to tubebuddy, but provides more features in its free version. Tubebuddy is more innovative as it helps optimize videos for organic growth as well as improves the productivity. It is advisable to have both Tubebuddy and Vidiq at the same time since these both have similar features and can be utilized together to get a good benefit out of it.

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