Single clickbank product which helps me to earn $567 in a month

#1: My Journey

I know you guys are here to know the unique product which helps me to earn $560 in a month. The journey to this takes about 3 years of hard work and dedication. Now you will find out what was the success mantra that takes me to earn after 3 years with this 1000 word blog post.
The idea of making money online came to my mind when I am studying in the 10-Th standard. Being a student I don’t have enough knowledge to where should I start.hence I researched the Internet for a solution, My gurus for this process was 


you can check out this blog. I am sure they will give you enough information to start your dream. I heard about ClickBank from Then I suddenly jump to the site and created an account, there I saw a huge marketplace with lots of products like health, betting, online marketing…..


#2: Action plan

 #2.1: Blog
I first created a blog for promotion of my Clickbank product .hence I bought a domain name, my preferred choice for buying a domain name are GoDaddy and can buy domain name very cheaply from there. Next, for web hosting, you can go with HostGator.In Hostgator web hosting plan starts at $ 0.1
Use WordPress as the blogging platform as it is easy to manage.Write at least 4 blog posts about the niche you are targeting.If you find difficulty in writing blog post hires a content writer for your job.Contentment is an amazing website which helps you to find high-quality` writers (1000 words -$3). By creating a blog you can double your income by monetizing with AdSense or
Blog should be informative, So as to make the customer get persuaded to buy the products and hence you can earn commission

#2.2 Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is one of the effective and efficient ways of promoting your products. Before starting to advertise make sure you create a Facebook Page regarding your niche, then link your Facebook page to your website. We can’t use direct affiliate links for our promotion, so make sure that you create a landing page about your niche.

Youtube Video Marketing

If you are good at explaining then you can make a huge hike in the affiliate commission. By creating a youtube video you don’t need an extra promotion.Make your video short and clear, in my opinion, you should buy the product that you are promoting and do a live unboxing/review of the product, it will become an added advantage and you can place the product link in the description.

Google Promotion

Often you see ads while surfing on the net, these ads are promoted by their owners. When someone types certain keywords it popups.In order to do google promotion, you have to create Adwords account the added advantage of this process is that it will provide you with a keyword planner tool. Which you can later use for SEO research. Main disadvantage for Adword is the CPC minimum cost is $ 0.1

Alternative for Google AdWords is an advertising company which works similar to google AdWords. The main advantage of eleavers is that the CPC is very low, it is about $ 0.01 per click. The disadvantage of eleavers is that it is not as popular as google ad words. In the case of eleavers, we can use the direct affiliate link. For those who don’t have a website can use this method. we can track our conversions in our dashboard. They also offer a dedicated customer support.

#3: My success building product
I chose health as my first niche because nearly 20 million people are searching health-related keywords daily. When you are selecting a niche, arrange them in the order of gravity, in the above product gravity is more than 200 which means it is a fast selling product with a lot of customers. In that case, competition is also very high, but with strategic approach and planning, we can outrun any of our competitors. Another reason that I chose this product because it provides me with recurring commission

While selecting a product make sure that it has gravity between 20-100 and whether it provides recurring commission.

Final words

As you can see with a single product I am able to make money that is required to buy an iPhone 7. With this same strategy, you can also do wonders. Hope you like the article, if you have any queries
ask me below in the comment section I will personally guide you to attain success

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