Panasonic gh4 vs Panasonic gh5 – Indepth Comparison and Review

Panasonic gh4 vs Panasonic gh5 :We are comparing two special design of innovation by Panasonic in the class of international cameras. Both Panasonic GH5 and Panasonic GH4 are replete with features that make them stunning in asethics and outstanding in performance. Let’s have a brief look at the main features of before getting into our more detailed comparison.

Panasonic GH4 and Panasonic GH5 overview

Panasonic GH4 is thankfully less expensive than Panasonic GH5. Panasonic GH4 is priced at $998, whereas Panasonic GH5 priced at $3009 seems quite a luxury item. The saved money is a good investment for lenses or accessories. Panasonic GH4 is NFC enabled allowing it to be paired with phones that support the feature. NBC enabling feature is missing in Panasonic GH5. Panasonic GH4 can capture more photos up to 530, has an enviable internal flash and eliminates moiré with the incredible anti-aliasing filter.

Now Panasonic GH5 is not deliberately behind in the game. In fact it has all the features that make it a clear winner. It supports a much slower slow-mo at 96 FPS making it a pleasing camera to shoot with. It has in-built robust image stabilization that negates the effects of camera shake at slower shutter speeds. Panasonic GH5 is endowed with Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. It captures images with realistic precession as it offers more dots on screen 1620K. This translates to a brighter screen and greater resolution. New Panasonic GH5 has higher viewfinder magnification up to 0.76X, which translates into a wider view of the scene through the eye-level viewfinder. Panasonic GH5 provides for ample storage option that comes with dual card slots. Furthermore, to its advantage, the Panasonic GH5 snaps higher resolution photos up to 20.3 megapixels. On the other Panasonic GH4 comes at 16.1 megapixels.

Panasonic GH5 vs Panasonic GH4: Lenses Comparison

Panasonic GH4 and Panasonic GH5 have a good number of lens – almost 86 lens that is quite a display for cameras in such categories. Micro Four Thirds lens mount also comes with it as an extra bit of gear. Panasonic GH5 has a robust image stabilization feature that depends on sensors which naturally offers uniform stabilization to all lenses mounted to its body. Panasonic GH4 disappointingly enough does not come with an optical stabilizing mount.

Panasonic GH4 vs Panasonic GH5: Sensor Comparison

Both Panasonic GH4 and Panasonic GH5 have CMOS sensor with Venus Engine processor, but the CMOS sensors come in two variants -16.0MP Four Thirds and 20.0MP Four Thirds respectively. Panasonic GH5’s sensor never featured the anti-alias (Low-Pass) filter resulting in bringing out sharp images although with a fair amount of moiré lingering in some scenes. Panasonic GH4 never really reaches that level of detail. Panasonic GH4 outshines Panasonic GH5 and delivers just fine in low light / High ISO images, as it sports a larger pixel area that collects more light.

Panasonic GH4 vs Panasonic GH5: Physical Specs Comparison 

Panasonic GH4 is the pleasantly light weight which makes carrying it around delightfully easy especially during travel. Weighing at only about 560 g or 1.23 lb or 19.75 oz the Panasonic GH4 is much smaller than its heavier counterpart the Panasonic GH5 at 725 g or 1.60 lb or 25.57 oz. Panasonic GH4 is unquestionably smaller of the two cameras. Its body is 6mm narrower, 5mm shorter and 3mm thinner than Panasonic GH5. However, take a note of the added weight that will be contributed by the lenses. Since Panasonic GH4 and Panasonic GH5 have identical Four Thirds sized sensor, they both will be in need of lenses of the exact focal length and aperture. So whether you invest in a GH5 or GH4 you will be carrying addition lenses of the same size and weight.

Both Panasonic GH4 and Panasonic GH5 are handsome in design. They both are built out of a robust magnesium alloy body that is sleek, smooth, dust and splash repellant. GH5 expands that durability to freeze proofing down to -10°C.


Panasonic GH4 vs Panasonic GH5: 60p 4K capture

Panasonic GH5 is finely tuned to shoot 4K footage at higher than 30 frames per second. It is an efficient camera that offers the option to shoot Ultra HD 4K at 48, 50 and 59.94p. Shooting UHD under high movement is quite a miracle in itself. Panasonic GH5 is a delight for professionals. GH5 is specialized to capture fast movement. Simultaneously not delivering blurred images due to movement and forever retaining the high detail even while shooting at 24p. For its range from 24 to 60p and its functionality, Panasonic GH5 is a winner and a keeper in your gadget repertoire.

Panasonic GH4 vs Panasonic GH5: Pro video tools

Panasonic GH5 has quite stunning and proud videographer-focused features that is lacking in the Panasonic GH4. GH4 has been created with features such as SMPTE bars, time code, safe data values, and more. Panasonic GH5 brings in all that lovely features from GH4 and adds more sophistication in its functionality, and features. Panasonic GH5 moves beyond the already impressive. Panasonic GH5 is way cooler because it allows Waveform and Vectorscope representations of the scene being shot. Panasonic GH5 is a fine example of hybrid stills/video camera that incorporates all the best practices of videography by incorporating video-industry standard tools. The innovation in GH5 is encouraging and a move towards a more positive future. Both Panasonic GH4 and GH5 can shoot with a Log profile, the GH5 also loads Look Up Tables onto the camera, which allows it to output ‘faux-graded’ preview while shooting in the harder-to-interpret Log gamma and color mode. Leverage the unique ability of Panasonic GH5 pre-define a series of up to three focus distances before you start shooting, a feature that is very video-friendly. This translates into the ability of Panasonic GH5 to refocus smoothly without a dedicated focus puller or any of the uncertainty of autofocus. It also allows a specific control over the focus.

Panasonic GH5 has a higher overall score than the Panasonic GH4 and would be our choice if we have to decide between these two cameras.

Panasonic GH5

$ 3119
Panasonic GH5

Battery Performance


    Build Quality


      4k capturing





          • Stabilization is pretty cool
          • Better battery performance than gh4


          • High cost

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