Micro Niche Website Builder – Basic tips to create a niche site

Niche Website Builder: If you are an individual and you want to use a blog as a business tool you have to study it first, both theoretically and practically. If you want to understand how to make money by blogging you must know how to bring people to it. Based on the experiences of others you must make a plan in advance. 

In very briefly and its most basic form your blog should look like this:

First, you have to choose a blog niche, a narrow topic that you write. 

You start to promote your blog to bring new visitors and try to keep them involved.

If you want your visitors to stay, you have to give them quality content. 

• You choose a style which you will write, whether it will be some of your personal experience, exclusive information, or technical writing. It all depends on your assessment of what you can really offer in the niche you choose to write about.

This point is the most important one, and that is to get people to subscribe. When you have a database of more than 10,000 people you have the possibility to interact with ads and to get your blog to next level.

Of course, you have to build some kind of trust, and constant interaction between your content and visitors if you want to make your blog profitable. 

When your blog has high attendance you can set your ad space and monetize it with Google AdSense which is the best way to earn money with by blogging.

How to monetize your blog with Google AdSense?

• You have to start a new account if you want to monetize your blog. First, you need to read the Google AdSense policy because you need to know what you can and what you cannot do when you are part of the Google AdSense program.

• After completing your online application, you have to give your blog’s URL and language, as well as payment information.

• Google AdSense gives you plenty of advertising possibilities from text advertisements to banners, so you have to research and decide which form will work best for your specific niche.

• When you decide which form of ads you’re interested AdSense will give you HTML code which you will copy and paste on your blog’s template.

• After that Google will investigate your blog to determine subject so when your reader’s reader visit your blog AdSense will provide them with relevant ads based on blog niche.

Before you ever start a blog you should understand how the monetized blog works. If you really want to make the good amount of money from AdSense you should make strategy because AdSense earning depends on many factors:
• SEO Optimization
• Keywords 
• Organic Traffic

SEO Optimization

If you want to get your blog ranked better on Google or any other search engine it is important to know some basic SEO techniques. Optimization of your blog is crucial if you want to have more attendance. We will mention five techniques that will help you optimize better your blog, in order to get more money from AdSense:

• You should give your posts as many links as you can that is not linked to your blog. Such link is called “inbound link” and Google loves them. When other sites link to you, Google looks your site as more important than the first one. It also means that whatever you do on your blog related to search engines it will have more effect.

• A good title is a key to search engine optimization. You should make your headlines so that they explain what is on the page.

• When you search for something on Google there is bold text below the title which is called description. Google allows 155 characters but keeps in mind that these characters are a mini advertisement that will be visible to the visitor via a search engine.

• The power of keywords should be spread through your entire content. Google searches cannot contain an entire copy of your blog that is why you need keywords on the address of the page, description, and title. Make sure your keyword density is 3-5% of your site, but don’t suffocate with keywords, arrange them to look natural.

• You should choose SEO and AdSense optimized themes which will help you to get better attendance and AdSense clicks.


First, your task is to collect as many as possible keywords, phrases that describe best your blog niche. These keywords you could enroll in one table. After that, it is useful to look at the competing websites and see what things are elicited in these pages. The internet search engine type the words relevant to your blog and related to your content

Organic traffic:

This point represents reader flow of your blog which could be combined with sharing on the social network in order to get more generated users.

Your blog niche decides how much money you will earn on AdSense

Before we proceed we must understand the basic principle of economics: the law of demand and supply. There are numerous blogs about anything you could possibly imagine, but they don’t pay the same. If we get back to the law of demand and supply, we understand that niches that are viral and popular have money, so they invest more in their ads. When your reader visits your site and clicks on that ad, you will get more money. So we can return to the question that we asked before.

Which is the best blog niche to earn money from AdSense?


Today, one of the most profitable niches is health and everything that involves this subject. We are overcrowded with wishes to stay healthy and fit because in our modern age everyone is obsessed with various types of health.

This niche is viral and there are millions of people on a daily basis who visits this type of blogs. That is the reason Google AdSense pays a lot of money for this specific niche. You cannot write this topic if you don’t have enough knowledge and that is the catch.
Most popular keywords: health care, united health care, home health care


Blog about relationship tips and personal experiences have very wide range of people who search this kind of help. This topic can make you money, but you should be able to write about personal things and keep readers involved, answer their questions and give them what they need if you want for them to continue to read your blog.

Make money online:

This one of the most popular niches because we are bombarded with the idea of fast earning. Because all the world is obsessed with this dream you will have a lot of people reading your blog, and this niche has high CPC rate so it will improve your overall in AdSense.


This is one of the most paid AdSense niches, but the competition is higher than any other. It requires proper keyword search and excellent understanding of the subject. You must choose the type of insurance, but if you understand this matter and with proper planning, you will be happy with income.


Because technology is improving day by day, the market will never stop competing with every kind of promising features and applications. This niche is profitable and provides a wide range of online visitors.


Everyone is the fan of somebody and gossips are still one of the favorite interactions on the web. This niche is very popular on search engines and the fans are excited about reading everything about their heroes. 


If you have knowledge on clothes tips you could write dressing tips which are very popular on a search engine and on AdSense too. 

PC troubleshooting :

This topic has very good paying CPC keywords and if you are good with computers this niche is best for you. Of course, competition is high because you have to know what the latest issues are that are going on in the computer world, but there are a lot of people who don’t know how to fix their small problems. So they will search the solution and if you provide them with the perfect one you will get everyday visitors and more money than on any other blog niche.

Final Verdict:

There is an easy and hard way to earn money through AdSense. You should choose wisely because every niche demands some kind of knowledge and persistence. If you want to engage yourself in blogging business you have to make a perfect plan, step by step, and you will be awarded afterward.

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