How To Get More Phone Storage On Android

How to Get More Phone Storage on Android:  First of all thanks for landing on this article.if you are searching how to Increase Internal storage Of android without rooting   I am going to show you how to do the same

Smartphones are getting better in quality and bigger in size. The storage is starting to become a real issue with most modern smartphones but the issue really turns into a problem when the device doesn’t come with an expandable storage option. So Sooner Or Later every smartphone user is going to run into the memory full brick wall and options like cloud storage and Google Drive fails to provide a solution.

I was kind of looking for a fixed to this problem and I ran into this now this is a USB OTG card reader and it’s a great piece of Technology. it is basically a micro USB port and a card reader squeezed into the small package. so it works like this the Micro-SD card goes into this and other plugs into the charging port of your smartphone and boom that gives you an instant access to all the content on the SD card no installation no setup is required for this.Just pop this thing in and you’re all set to go so that gives you an additional 32, 64 and all the way up to 128 gigabytes of additional space for storing your music movies backups and other similar content. so that you can have more free space on your device internal memory for storing apps and games.

Now over here on my SD card, I got all my data backed up. if I hop out the apps folder I got the backup of all my apps, if I need to quickly install an app I can do that directly from here without having to re download it from the Play Store which is pretty neat and if I hop on to the video folder I got my videos saved on the device.You can either stream the content directly from the SD card we can copy to internal memory.

So there are a lot of things you can do with this but this is a lifesaver for those of you who have a device with 4 GB or 8 GB of internal memory. so you can load all of your big movies pictures and stuff into this and stream it directly from your device so that precious internal memory can be saved for installing Apps and games which are a pretty awesome thing.

 but the best part is it only cost $2 although it’s not a new concept the USB OTG functionality on smartphones has been around for a while now I have been connecting SD card pen drives hard drives and even floppy disc to my smart phone with USB OTG cable. but that was kind of an inconvenience because you have to carry around the OTG cable with the SD card reader.Inconvenient mostly because It didn’t fit in my wallet but this thing right here is very small in size.

It doesn’t Hang from the device like USB OTG cable connection is also produce steady and you can literally fill with media content like movies music and TV shows and use it as a shareable drive to watch movies and stuff when you are traveling.

Pretty great thing !, there are also larger ones when you can stick bigger SD cards and pen drive to your smartphone but this one right here was the smallest and the most value for money OTG card reader that I could find online I mean they even have the exact same thing just a bit fancy or selling online for as high as $15 .

 I mean you don’t need to spend $15 on these. It may be very useful but $15 might be on the highest side now this one right here cost me only $2 and it’s totally worth it which makes this one of the most useful Android accessories and a must have for every Android user.

However, the only requirement for using this is that your device should support the USB OTG feature Android support USB OTG.

But it’s up to your device manufacturer to enable that function on your smartphone the most Android devices support USB OTG but some don’t go to check online with your device support USB OTG or not before buying this but as far as I know.

Devices Support OTG Feature

  • All Samsung Galaxy devices support USB OTG
  • most Motorola devices support that
  • most LG phones do
  • some Samsung phones also support USB OTG anything most of the
  • Nexus devices support USB OTG and I was majority of
  • Smartphones from Chinese manufacturers like 1 + 10 show support of USB OTG

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