eleavers vs studads : How to Maximise Your Clickbank Profit


Eleavers is the pay-per-click engine with great quality clicks, simply like Google Adwords or AdSense. Although they are a fresh entry to the industry, they have by now achieved to gain the trust of both publishers and advertisers.

On the other hand, StudAds is one of the finest contextual advertising networks, for both advertisers and publishers alike. Publishers attain 80% revenue share. 

The present article will highlight Eleavers and StudAds for clickbank promotion and will help you decide which one is better for clickbank promotion of your affiliate program.


How Eleavers works for clickbank promotion ?

Eleavers allows a low bid start at $0.008. With a purpose to see income to your clickbank account, you must advertise or seek advertisers and their income to your site. For this, you can start accounts for anything from $0-10 and there are no bounds or requests for time or spending. 

How StudAds work for clickbank Promotion ?

 StudAds is the PPC (Pay per Click Advertising) networks where you will get all the traffic you require to vend your affiliates hop-link Clickbank product’URLs and earn thousands of dollars on regular basis. To use StudAds, you do not even require a website – simply use your Clickbank Hop-Link. StudAds permits advertisers to put any numbers of URLs and affiliate links at their account

eleavers vs studads Comparison

StudAds.com is a PPC (pay per click) network that will not just advertise your page or website as an Amazon or clickbank affiliate, but it will guarantee that you acquire the best buyers focused on your site for best sales! 

To use StudAds, you require signing up and paying the initial $25 fee into your advertising account, you can suppose enlarged traffic within a few hours. While to use Eleavers first publishers can sign up for a free account, log into this account and then just copy and paste javascript code from the Eleavers network onto their website where they want a pay per click ad to display. Eleavers doesn’t take any fees for account activation. The minimum deposit charges to start an account are just $10. 

Initial signing up with StudAds is fast and easy and they provide a great customer and tech support for any queries that may arise to users. While in the case of Eleavers, the customer support is not much prominent. Once publishers get disallowed or deferred they won’t get any support. You will lose earnings even.

With StudAds, you pay only when the text ads or graphical banner ads are being clicked. While in the case of Eleavers, you need to pay unnecessarily even if ads are not being clicked.

StudAds allows placing your affiliate link in the ad straight away. This allows you to earn from affiliates without any requirement for you to possess your own website. In Eleavers, once ad code gets removed you will mislay your account. Blogspot blogs are not allowed while using Eleavers. No referral programs are involved while using Eleavers. 

StudAds can work along with other networks like Yes advertising or Media.net.
StudAds.com allows a very low bid beginning at $0.008, while it is $0.08 in the case of ELeavers. In certain areas, Eleavers cannot offer high traffic volume. This is typically the outcome of the advertiser choosing to show your ads with precise keywords. StudAds will endorse your site for as low as 1 cent a click. It’s one of the finest places to advertise latest and exciting desktop applications since StudAds recognizes how to market software.

On the other hand, using Eleavers the revenue share publishers would get 80%, which is more as compared to StudAds. Eleavers provide a provision to match ad content with your site’s content with a system that also shades out violent and adult material. Eleavers permits advertisers to place any number of affiliate links on their account, while with StudAds there is a constraint. ELeavers promises unique visitors and has their personal anti-fraud unit to avoid bots, fake or specious clicks. StudAds does not provide any facility for detecting erroneous clicks.


Considering the above discussion, it is clear that both Eleavers and StudAds works better for clickbank promotion. However, there are many noteworthy benefits of StudAds compared to Eleavers like no personal website requirements, payout only for required ads and better customer support. Hence, StudAds is better compared to Eleavers for clickbank promotion.

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  1. Can you please try studads and eleavers for clickbank best geavity product with affilate commision $40/sale one time.
    In battery restoration.
    It will proof your efforts also.
    please brother do it you will be also earning profits

  2. ELeavers is really the best advertising network. This is cheap and provides the quality traffic to my click bank affiliate link. So I am earning great affiliate commissions from click bank.

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