your passion to profession How to Create a Blog?

If writing is your passion, and you love to pen down your specialized thoughts and knowledge into simple blogs, is your ultimate place. In this portal, you can create innovative blogs, suited to your specific blog interests which can be cooking, Do-It-Yourself stuff, business guides, and other niches.

BlogSpot also allows you play with multiple layouts, try numerous a hundred background images and breathe new designs to your blogs. Out here, you also get a free domain and have the opportunity of potential income. Besides the free domains, you can also purchase a custom domain, with just a few clicks. Your BlogSpot experience goes beyond these when you can know your audience and track their sources. Overall, is an amazing portal that allows you to become a successful blogger and enjoy a good income.

Here’s How You Get Started?

• In order to create a free blog, first, you have to log in with your Google account. While doing so, you also need to give your recovery details in case of unusual activities which might take place in your BlogSpot account.

• Then, you confirm your profile information and kick start your blog career.

• Give a title, add your selected domain (free or custom), choose a template design and then you are done. Later, you can go through custom templates as per your titles and choose the most beautiful of all. It’s good enough to start.

Things to keep in mind, during your BlogSpot journey

• While choosing a domain name, it’s better to avoid personal names and make it more professional. Your domain is a key identity of your blog content, therefore, choose accordingly.

• BlogSpot is easy to be in. You can change certain settings and use it to your comfort and pleasure.

• At, you can also view your blog’s backend and be on the dashboard. From here, you can find ways to enhance your blog’s visibility.

But, Before You Start Your Journey:

• Write About Yourself. Create an “About” page and describe yourself and your blog topic.

• Use varied blog templates and get rid of the generic boring one. From Settings, you can also change your template and go for a more suitable design.

• On the top of your blog, you can add a logo, and add as well as remove other features. With this, you can customize your blog and make it as per your choice.

• After successfully writing a couple of blogs, you can then enable AdSense and start earning money.
Now, you are completely tutored about and can get started.

How to Add Widgets to your Blog?

• To do this, first login to your and go to the dashboard. You can also click on the “dashboard” link to go to your blog list.

• Once in the blog, go to the layouts page, click on “Page Elements” and then on “Add a Gadget”.

• A pop-up window will show up, displaying all the available widgets/gadgets. Here, you ca search for different categories like basic gadgets, most popular gadgets, featured gadgets, and then choose a desired one.

• After selecting the best one, you can save it. Then, with the help of HTML and JavaScript widget, which you can get by clicking on “Add a Gadget” from the layout screen; you can add and/or paste third-party functionality or any other code, within your blog.

And before you leave, the Templates

BlogSpot gifts you with a variety of template themes. If you want your blog to be easily readable across multiple devices; go for responsive templates. And if you have the SEO factor in mind, there are ample SEO Ready templates to be picked. Whether you want to make your blog more vibrant and colorful or prefer to keep it simple with minimal designs; you can explore a plethora of free templates and enjoy blogging.

At, you develop a different perception towards blogging. You become your own boss, write quality content and educate your audience, in large numbers. In short, you re-discover opportunities and cherish your own blogs.

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