Best Adsense Alternatives for low Traffic blog 2017

In this article, I will discuss Best Adsense Alternatives for low Traffic blog 2017 There are too many alternatives for AdSense. The reason is a variety of rules that are strict for users which other alternatives don’t have. For example, AdSense admins are monitoring your sites constantly, and if you break any rule, even one, they will ban you from the site and you could never open another AdSense account again. Now it is very hard to be approved by AdSense and that is why the alternatives are giving you a better way of working online

Best Adsense Alternatives for low Traffic blog 2017

1. Adsterra 

One of the alternatives is premium advertising network Adsterra which will give you high-quality ad inventory, ad formats for the web and mobile devices, pushups, sliders, direct links, popunders and banners. 


Adsterra has higher eCPM rates than AdSense and their payments are timely and fast.

• You also have multiple payment options

• Support is available 24/7, so for every question and problem you could ask

• With real-time reporting system, you will not wait for report because time matters


• Adsterra is compatible with BlogSpot blogs and posts because only custom domain can be monetized

• The minimum payout is higher than other alternatives and similar sites

• For some countries, traffic of rates could be lower than others

• They don’t have referral program

2. Ad Maven

With a wide range of monetization methods, Ad Maven has become in the last few years one of the top alternatives to AdSense. You have the wide specter of methods such as Banners, Popunder, Lightbox, Slider ads and more.


• All build info is bundled with your specifications, so it is forced to be in source control with code you own

• It is easy to turn on new features for things like CI/CD as easy one line in your configuration file

• Whatever dependency you have it will be downloaded automatically 


• In order to understand Ad Maven command line you have to use Netbeans or Eclipse

• Because of its complexity, people are turning to other alternatives

• You have to lay project correct, which will take your time before you understand how to do it 

3. Media.Net

Yahoo! Bing Network is the exclusive contributor to Media.Net and it allows you several ad styles, such as targeting ads, contextual ads, and mobile ads. Media.Net is the closest alternative to AdSense, so their policy is also strict and they could ban you if you don’t follow the rules.


• Unlike Google AdSense, Media.Net has better customer service which can teach you everything you don’t know about CPC and how their algorithms are relevant in order to maximize your revenue.

• Every month payment will be received on time, without worries, no matter if you are working through PayPal or another transaction tool. 

• Dashboard is very easy to use and nice graphic that shows customers easy way of handling the website and all its commodities

• You have control over your advertising because customer service is available 24/7, and if you don’t like design of ad or if you want something to add, you could just contact them and it will be changed in a matter of minutes


• Unlike Google AdSense where it necessary for customers to click only once on your ad in order for you to get paid, on Media.Net you will get paid when someone clicks once on your ad, and then in the another window click another time. Double click is ensuring quality control, but the percentage of people who click two times are 50% lesser than AdSense.

• Because of its complexity, it may slow down your site, so you must install different plug-ins in order to faster your website.

• It is hard to make a perfect contextual ad, because there are too many preferences that you must add, in order to get the attention of specific users.

4. Adbuff

One of the Best Adsense Alternatives for low Traffic blog . It is compatible with the web and mobile devices and has unique and different features to take advantage of. The best server ad technology on Adbuff network works in favor for both Publishers and Advertisers. 


• Adbuff network is offering you weekly bonuses and $25 bonus for signing up.

• Dashboard is offering you real-time changes and reporting, in order for you to know 

what is going on whenever you want to

• For every publisher, there is one personal account manager which is here to help you and provide you every information you need in order to your business go well


• In order to be registered on Adbuff, you must have 2000 unique clicks daily. That is a minimum requirement.

• NET 45 payment terms are the reason people are not using this network often. NET 30 payment terms gives you better invoice of financial situation

5. Adversal

Adversal could be the great alternative to AdSense but your site must get over 50,000 page views per month. They have various banner sizes and types, and their affiliate program is one of a kind.


• Adversal gives you the possibility of low payout and high CPM rates.

• PayPal option for a financial transaction is available.

• Their minimum payout is only $20.

• Approval of advertisement will be in the network in short period of time if you meet the requirement

• You could add advertisements on other languages and targeted websites.


• Adversal network will not accept your registration if you don’t have minimum 50,000-page view per month

• They don’t update real time data on the reports, they have a schedule so it is updated once a day. 

6. Clicksor

Clicksor gives the possibility for publishers to add multiple ad formats as contextual banner ads or targeted clickable text. You will get paid weekly via PayPal or check, and minimum payout is $50.


• On Clicksor you will have the short registration form and quick sign up and approval. After you register, you will get email after you meet requirements.

• 24/7 support team are monitoring everything, and they are here to help you improve your idea

• Payments are fast and quicker than other ad networks.

• You have options of different ads including layer banners, inline text ads, pop-under ads which are available in every size to your preferences and idea. 


• They had problems with malware bugs before. Now everything is fixed, but everyone is cautious and don’t want to risk by using this network.

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