5 unique apps for android phones 2017 Edition

5 unique apps for android phones 2017 Edition; I’m going to show you five precise packages for your android devices which fit without rooting your phone it includes some personalization, a few photography and some safety programs which can be virtually precise.


First, let’s check out posteroid it’s an entirely neat utility for making a poster like wallpapers to your android smartphone. So when you get into this, it’s going to mechanically pick the first image from the gallery and will robotically add quotes detecting the wallpaper. You may also alternate the wallpaper and character from small to large.

It’s got a lot of fantastic text styles subsequently you could save the fashion in 3 different codecs by way of clicking on the down at the save option on the left corner, and we can alternate some color palette from this selection quickly. So this application is one of the most accurate application, and a should have apps on your android smartphone

2.Unique Controls

It’s a very great application which makes your usage of the Android phone much easier with the help of the two great features of this app. The first feature called hello which is a little bubble floating on your screen which gives quick access to all the notification as well as you can switch between your favorite applications right from that little bubble.

The next feature of this app is called PIE most of us know about pie by way of navigation on your Android phone with the help of some gestures. After enabling both the options on the home screen, we can see the bubble on the left. But first, check out by just swiping up from the bottom and you get the PIE interface. Which gives us various details about the network number, date, WiFi status, battery status as well as the three navigation buttons.

3.Stunzooper 4

Guys up next we have your Stun zooper 4.it’s a unique add-on for the zooper widget which gives is the excellent look on your Android device.

To get this first, you need to download zooper widget from the Play Store and search for stun zooper 4, and you will get the add-on. On installing you will get various types of widgets. It also gives you various other stuff like Icon sets, and you get some great wallpapers with it, and all the wallpapers are of very high quality.


This is one of my favorite camera application these days because it can take cinemagraph now you might be wondering what is a cinemagraph .the application UI is pretty basic.Before taking a picture make sure that something needs to be moving in your picture in order to make a cinemagraph

After taking the photo app will analyse and process making it an editable cinemagraph and here we have some options like animate, freeze And loop button on the top right-hand corner.I f any part of the picture was moving while taking the photo you can draw that part to make it move . You can share this picture with your friends via WhatsApp or any other social messaging applications .a cinemagraph it is not a GIF file it’s a moving picture.

5.Dumb stuff

Dumb stuff is a handy application for every Android user as it some trash can which can be the most useful trash can for your Android phone. It’s like a two-step verification for every file which you delete from your phone.

Now accidentally if you delete any photo from your device permanently then you can recover that picture to your gallery with this app.get a premium version of dumbstuff, it automatically backup the files on your private cloud drive that particular photo back to your gallery with the help of this cool app called dumb stuff.

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